My name is Miriam Additon I am twenty-five years old and was born right outside of New Orleans Louisiana. I am the middle child in a large family of six and moved here to Tampa when I was just three.  

After so many years, I have truly made this beautiful sunshine state my home and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Growing up I always had a desire to be in the medical field so as soon as I graduated high school I enrolled into a nearby Licensed Practical Nursing program. On completion of the program, I was able to work my way through four more years of school to receive my Registered Nursing License. 

Upon completion I have been blessed to work in a variety of nursing settings. I have worked hospice and helped guide families through the loss of a loved one. I have visited and cared for patients at their homes through home health, and I have cared for critically sick trauma patients in a level one trauma center emergency room. Through these settings I have been given such a great foundation and wonderful experiences for the last six years as a nurse. 

Currently, I am working on continuing my education at the University of Tampa to get my Nurse Practitioner. My having this degree I will be able to further serve my community and grow as a medical provider. 

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