BluePrint Health's Process

Initial Consultation

The first stage of any weight-loss or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is your consultation. At BluePrint Health, we understand that choosing a trusted physician is an important and at times, a difficult decision. Our consultations are designed to learn about your medical conditions and health goals. We want to understand your symptoms and how they affect your quality of life - in a relaxed, comfortable setting, after which we will refer you to a local affiliated physician.

Labs & Discovery

A blood lab test is required to determine if you have decreased hormone levels and are a candidate for our weight-loss or HRT programs. Once this has been established, a complete physical exam; with your lab results in consideration helps your physician determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Customized Planning & Program Initiation

At the completion of your consultation and blood labs, BluePrint Heath medical specialists have all the information necessary to build a customized program that will help reach the goals discussed in your consultation. Your physician uses their expertise to evaluate your unique physiology and health goals to recommend a customized plan and protocol that’s best for you. These recommendations are your Blue Print to better health, wellness and vitality!

In addition to your physician, Blueprint Health assigns a Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) to your case who will oversee your progress throughout your treatment program. Blueprint PCCs put patients first and will stay in contact with you, monitor your progress, remind you of important milestones and checkups, and just be there to answer questions you have at any time.

Continued Success Care

To ensure your complete satisfaction, safety and health our Patient Care Coordinators will schedule you for new blood labs and/or a physician visit every 3-6 months depending on your specific case. We do this to certify that the therapies and protocols that have been prescribed for you are exactly what your body needs over time. Weight-Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy is both an Art and a Science and our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction and good health.

BluePrint Health's Medical Specialists are ready to safely set you on the road to successful Weight-Loss or Hormone Replacement Therapy!

Are you ready? Questions?

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