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The Blueprint Health Weight Management program is medically monitored and customized per individual, because our focus is on your overall health, not JUST helping you lose weight.

After contacting us, you will fill out some information that will give us some insight about you, and your needs and goals. From there we will contact you and schedule labs. The information you provide and the lab work is key for us to build a custom journey that best suits your body, lifestyle, needs, and goals. The lab work alerts us as to any pre-existing health concerns you may not have been aware of, and it also gives us a great starting point to compare future lab work to and show you the positive impact on your health!

Every Weight Management journey is different, and we do not have a specific program or product outline. After building your custom journey, we will provide a full outline of the plan and the products we recommend for your plan and from there we will be able to answer any questions you may have.

In the beginning the focus is to get you started losing weight, but the most important part of the success of our program is the support we provide. You will have a dedicated patient care representative that will be there for you every step of the way to not only support and motivate you, but throughout the process they will also provide you with nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise education to prepare you for a lifetime of better health!