Dr. Richard W. Walker, Jr., was born in New York City; and has practiced medicine for 35 years.  He maintains an active license in the State of New York and lives in Houston, TX.  Richard, practiced Ob/Gyn for 20 years then, changed his practice to Integrative Medicine as he found it more inclusive of various healthcare modalities.  He is Board Certified in Functional Medicine, by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and is Board Certified in Age Management Medicine through the Cenegenics Institute of Medicine.   Additionally, he’s practiced Environmental Medicine, for the last 10 years as well.  With the latter, he treated many of the first responders to 9/11 in NY. 

He was an honorably discharged (`68) Viet Nam Vet, USAF., is a graduate of: CUNY, 1971 with a BS in Forensic Science; the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, in 1974 receiving his Medical Doctorate; and U. of Michigan, Ob/Gyn, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1978 Internship/Residency.  He will receive his combined MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute/Strayer U. and the Thomas Jefferson U. Medical School in April, 2017.  He has authored peer reviewed articles, and has an award winning book, African American Healthy, Sq. One Pub., 2011.

While practicing OB/Gyn he began treating his patients in 1987, with bio-identical hormones after studying the adverse effects of oral hormones.  It was not popular to do this at that time but he was proven correct after the results of the Women’s Health Initiative in 2002, which showed the harmful effects of oral synthetic hormones.