Recognizing the Symptoms of Female Hormone Imbalance

Emotional and physical changes in the body can occur when hormones become imbalanced. If you think you may be experiencing female hormone imbalance symptoms, you are not alone. With age comes the on-set of menopause, but other factors can cause a hormonal imbalance in women as well. It is important to distinguish between what type of symptoms you are experiencing and determine if a hormonal imbalance is to blame. Here is a list of several different female hormone imbalance symptoms:

Anxiety and Depression – Mood swings are a common side effect of hormone changes, and many women experience mood changes during PMS and/or menopause. If you have a hormone imbalance, you may also suffer from anxiety or depression – not just your typical mood swing. If you are one of many women with a severe hormonal imbalance that causes anxiety or depression, it is important to seek proper treatment to improve your mental (and physical) health.

Fatigue – Fluctuating hormones make day-to-day activities tiring for most women, causing fatigue to be one of most common female hormone imbalance symptoms. If you find yourself more sluggish than usual or even a bit fuzzy in your head, a hormone imbalance could be the cause. Having your hormone levels tested is the best way to know the cause of your fatigue, so proper treatment can be applied to help you get the “pep” back in your step.

Weight Gain – Of course it’s possible that lifestyle choices and dietary issues could be to blame for weight gain… But when all else seems healthy and normal, a hormone imbalance can result in persistent weight gain. Food cravings are another factor in female hormone imbalance symptoms, and can contribute to weight gain as well. Weight gain is not only a nuisance for your self-image and personal looks, but it can be dangerous to your health. Getting your hormones in control again can help keep your weight at a healthy and stable level.

Increased Body Temperature – Hot flashes are common for menopausal women, and so an increase in body temperature is a normal side effect of female hormone imbalance symptoms. A spike in body temperature can cause sweating and a flushed face, making you uncomfortable in even a cool room. These can occur at night as well, which affects your sleep patterns and overall health. Your fluctuating, imbalanced hormones are to blame for these unwanted bursts of heat. Be ready with a cooling fan and a change of clothes to help you cool down.

Similar to the symptoms of menopause and sometimes even PMS, female hormone imbalance symptoms are varied and many. Once you recognize the signs of a hormone imbalance, you can visit your healthcare professional to be certain of your fluctuating estrogen levels. Several treatment options are available to help you find a hormonal balance and return your body and mind to a normal, stable level.