Learn how you can implement Blueprint Health's Hormone replacement Therapy Solution into your practice

For Physicians

Welcome Physician-Partner and thanks for your interest in learning more about working with Blueprint Health!

The Blueprint Health team is dedicated to insuring that your male and female HRT patients receive the highest level of patient care and physician-guided treatment programs, returning them to a life of health and vitality.

Blueprint Health enables local physicians to efficiently launch and manage a HRT clinic within their practice as extension of internal staff, all without disruption.

If you're not experienced in HRT... Don't worry! Blueprint Health has assembled a multidisciplinary Board of Medical Advisors who assisted us in building standard protocols for both lab panels and medication protocols. In addition, we've launched Blueprint University, a video education series for providers, which covers everything you need to know about HRT. Finally, our Medical Advisors are available to you on an on-going basis for consultations to discuss and review any aspect of HRT or any unique patient case you'd like to discuss.

We also manage all aspects of patient communications, logistics, and billing, leaving you to what you do best... Clinical Treatment.

In Women, the overall U.S. HRT market for menopause is currently over $3.7 billion. In Men, Low testosterone can easily be diagnosed with a blood test, but according to this latest study by Harris Interactive, Seventy-Seven percent (77%) of American men over the age of 39 have not been tested by their doctors for low testosterone, and Ninety-Five percent (95%) of men with multiple symptoms said their doctors did not mention low testosterone as a possible cause.

The Blueprint Team is committed to providing our Physician-Partners with education, support, technology and logistical solutions, enabling them to address new areas of medicine, all without disrupting their core areas of medicine.

If you’re interested in learning more about introducing Hormone Replacement Therapy into your practice (with no disruption to your core practice), let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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         Dan Miller - CEO

         Dan Miller - CEO