For Men: What is testosterone, exactly? What is "Low-T?

For Men: Testosterone is a hormone and the force behind sex drive. During puberty, testosterone helps build men's muscles, increases the size of the penis and testes, and deepens the voice. In adulthood, it keeps a man's bones and muscles strong and sustains the interest in sex. Testosterone is the hormone that makes up a man's - manhood! Declines in this hormone can be devastating to a man.

In men, testosterone production peaks around age 17 and stays there for more than 10 years. Starting at about age 30, testosterone production begins to slowly decrease. Between ages 40 and 55, it falls off dramatically and this is the beginning of andropause, the male equivalent of menopause.

Shifts in body mass composition is caused by andropause when muscle mass decreases, as fat increases. Energy, motivation, memory and sex drive may also decrease. Many men find these changes challenging and the normal course as they age. These changes should not be accepted as inevitable, BluePrint Health has proven that it's easier than men think to fight it!

What is "Low-T"?

"Low T" is a term that describes the hindering symptoms faced by men who are experiencing low levels of testosterone hormone. Low levels of Testosterone is a dangerous medical condition that eventually affects all men. This often leads to the need for men to boost their hormone levels to reverse symptoms of "Low-T” in order to address certain symptoms associated with aging.