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What’s Next? Get your labs scheduled, completed and reviewed!

Why Labs? A blood lab test is required to determine if you have decreased hormone levels and are a candidate for our HRT programs.

Lab Process. By clicking the button below, you’ll be redirected to our lab partner’s portal (Ulta Labs), where you can purchase your labs. We have over 2500 Patient Service Centers to choose from. You can conveniently schedule your lab draw at any Patient Service Center near you.

Our Nurse Will Contact You! Once your lab results are completed, a Blueprint Health Nurse will contact you to review them with you at no additional charge and then connect you with our Provider to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Are you ready?

The above link will take you to our Lab Partner, Ulta Labs to complete your lab order.

Not Available in Certain States

  • Currently, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island state laws prohibit direct-access testing. Our lab tests cannot be conducted at lab locations located within these states.