Early Symptoms of Menopause: It's Not You, It's Me

As you age, natural fluctuations in hormones cause emotional and physical changes in your body. Menopause is of course a natural stage of a woman’s productive cycle. After you reach the average age of 40 to 45, you may start to experience symptoms of early menopause. From emotional symptoms such as mood swings to physical symptoms such as an increase in body temperature, the symptoms of early menopause are many and can be often. Here are some of the most common types of symptoms:

Mood Swings – If your mood is swinging from a happy high to an ultimate low, you may be experiencing hormone-induced mood swings, one of the most common of symptoms of early menopause. Mood swings during early menopause are normally caused by hormone changes and fluctuations in the body, specifically female ovarian hormones (like estrogen). It is normal to experience mood changes during early menopause, but you should be aware of your overall emotional state. If your daily mood swings are leaning towards a stronger stage of depression, it is important to seek appropriate treatment.

Hot Flashes – Another “classic” in the list of symptoms of early menopause, hot flashes are one of the most frequent side effects of menopause and affect the majority of women. During early menopause, you may experience a sudden change in body temperature, causing your face to flush red and your body to sweat. Many women also experience hot flashes during the night – or rather, “night sweats”.

Irregular Periods – If you are noticing irregular periods or your period tends to be on the very light or very heavy side, you may be experiencing symptoms of early menopause. Caused by your fluctuating hormone levels, an irregular period is a normal sign of menopause. Your periods may go from light to heavy, or vice-versa, range from a normal amount of days to several months in between. Periods during early menopause can change several times with no pattern at all… until finally they end completely.

Low Libido – One symptom of early menopause can be a decrease in libido, or sex drive. If your normal desire seems to wane or you are experiencing a disinterest in sexual activity, it may be your hormones to blame. A natural side effect of aging (and not just menopause), lower hormone levels can cause a decrease in your libido. Not to mention, sexual drive can be affected by many factors other than hormones. It is important to check your stress levels, physical health and overall happiness when it comes to your sexual health.

These are just a few of the symptoms of early menopause. If you are nearing the average age for early menopause (between 40-45 years) and experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to discuss different treatment options with your healthcare provider. Different treatments such as multivitamins, supplements or even hormone replacement can help lessen severe menopause side effects and help you get through this natural change with ease. Take control of your health today by taking charge of your early menopausal symptoms.