Take Control of the Aging Process

Aging and the life course? What does that mean? Do we have to simply trudge on through life, aging as we go – and with nothing to stop it?

Far from it. In fact, there's a lot you can do to slow, stop, even reverse the aging process in many cases. And guess what? It doesn't involve fancy creams, expensive pills, or invasive surgery. Just some good common sense.

What can you do to take control of aging and the life course you choose?

  • Eat well

Your diet is your body's fuel and building material. Eat junk and you'll literally reap what you sow: Low energy, weight gain, and a myriad of health problems. Feed your body well and you'll do the same – this time with glowing health and plenty of energy. Focus on a diet of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables (with no sugar added), and good fats like omega-3s.

When you eat to fuel and rebuild your body, you also reduce inflammation and oxidative stress caused by free radicals; both of these things contribute to the aging process and the development of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and even Alzheimer's disease.

  • Sleep enough

We live in a society that actually values being "efficient" and running on as little sleep as possible. Unfortunately, that's not what nature intended. Most adults need at least 7 to 8 hours of restful, restorative sleep every night to function at their best. (The upshot of that is, you'll actually be more productive, not less, during your waking hours.) Your body and brain need sleep to rebuild and repair from the stresses of the day. Skimp on it, and you'll greatly accelerate the aging process.

  • Exercise

Moderate exercise keeps brain and body active. It also helps prevent the muscle and bone loss we naturally begin to experience in our 30s.

Start slow if you haven't been active

If you've been sedentary for a while, don't start out by trying to run a 5K. Instead (with your doctor's permission), start by walking around the block and lifting light weights. As you increase your endurance, you can increase the difficulty of your exercise program, as well.

  • Get some sun – and wear sunscreen

We need a little bit of sun every day. While it's true that too much sun can cause skin cancer and other damage, some exposure every day helps give us the vitamin D we need for best health and boosts mood, too. When weather permits, spend 10 to 15 minutes a day outside without sunscreen when the sun is at its least intense, such as midmorning or late afternoon. Wear sunscreen at all other times to prevent skin damage.

  • Take a multivitamin for good measure

While most experts agree that supplements do more harm than good in overdoses, taking a good quality multivitamin can help fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet. Caution: A multivitamin doesn't substitute for eating right. It's just a way to make sure you get everything you need to be your best, and slow down aging and the life course.

  • Consider hormone replacement options

If you're doing everything right and still don't feel your best, consider hormone replacement options. These can truly make you feel "like your old self" -- without the dangers or side effects of old. That's because they're natural, customized to your needs. Hormone replacement can:

  • Restore libido
  • Reduce depression
  • "Roll back" age-related body changes by reducing body fat and increasing muscle and bone mass
  • Restore vitality and energy
  • Improve sleep

... and so much more. Try it today!