What Happens When You Increase Testosterone?

Many people are living with low levels of testosterone and don’t know it.  This is true for women as well as men.  While considered to be the male hormone, women also need a certain level of testosterone in order to enjoy the best possible health.  Along with knowing how to increase testosterone levels, it pays to recognize what benefits take place as the hormone imbalance is corrected.  Here are some examples.

Your Mood is More Balanced

Hormones play a major role in the way you feel and how you look at your life.  If the body is not currently producing a sufficient amount of testosterone, the possibility of experiencing mild to moderate depression is a real possibility.  Some people will notice they become irritable for no apparent reason, or begin to experience anxiety attacks.

As approaches like Hormone Replacement Therapy are used to bring levels back in a normal range, you will notice that it's easier to feel good about yourself.  Those little things that were getting on your nerves are no longer a big deal.  Instead of dreading the dawn of another day, you begin to look forward to whatever it may bring.

Concentrating is Easier

Once the therapy is underway, you’ll begin to notice that concentrating on tasks at home or at work is not such a chore.  The days of having to read a page a second time to keep up with the plot are over.  From getting more from watching the news to understanding the directions that come with your new smart phone, getting the hang of handling a project will be easier.

Desire Returns

As you work with your doctor to learn how to increase testosterone safety, one of the things you are likely wondering about is your libido.  It is not true that the desire for intimacy has to go away with age.  As you make use of HRT as part of the treatment process, you may find that your spouse or romantic partner is beginning to look quite fetching indeed.  It will be great to feel some of that old excitement returning again.

Your Performance Improves

Gradually getting your testosterone levels back in a reasonable range will not just boost your desire.  You’ll also feel more capable in terms of engaging in sexual activity.  For men who have experienced erectile dysfunction or women who find that they don’t respond the way they used to, balancing the hormones will make time spent with a partner more enjoyable than it has been in a long time.

Fat Goes and Muscle Returns

As you and your doctor decide how to increase testosterone in your case, look forward to losing some of those extra pounds.  Part of the reason is your energy level will pick up and you’ll want to get up and do more.  

Another part has to do with the effects of HRT testosterone on your body.  Augmenting whatever is already being produced makes it easier to build muscle mass.  For men, this means building muscle becomes easier than it has been in some time.  For women, it means the muscles are more toned and respond better when challenged.    

Remember that most of the effects of low testosterone are also associated with other ailments.  Even if you think it might be a long shot, talk with your doctor and arrange for your levels to be tested early in the day.  Depending on the results, you may find that replacement therapy is just what you need to get your life back on track.