Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are substances produced in the body and distributed through the bloodstream.  They influence many activities in the body, including growth and the health of the nervous system.  If you notice physical changes or shifts in your mood that cannot be explained due to other health issues, there is a good chance that you need hormone replacement therapy.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Also known as HRT, this type of therapy is designed to augment whatever hormones the body is no longer producing in sufficient quantity.  The goal is to restore those balances and maintain them in a normal range.  For many people, using this method to correct a hormone imbalance is a true lifesaver.  Without it, the level of physical and mental discomfort can be so great that life may not seem worth living.

What Issues Will the Therapy Correct?

Since the goal is to restore a proper balance of hormones, just about every part of the body is impacted.  For example, you may find that the days of being even-tempered have flown out the window.  Instead, things that never used to cause you to bat an eye now make you so angry that you can’t see straight.  With the right approach to replacement therapy, you’ll once again be able to overlook those little things and enjoy life.

The therapy is often helpful for women going through menopause.  Assuming the dosage is at the right level, dealing with the pain that comes with hot flashes will be a thing of the past.  Mood swings will also become less frequent and intensive.  Since an imbalance can negatively affect cognition, you’ll find that the therapy helps you focus more easily on tasks and feel confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Men and women alike are likely to experience intimacy issues when the hormones are out of balance.  With the use of estrogen replacement therapy or HRT testosterone to bring the levels back into a healthy range, whatever lack of desire or performance is present will fade away.  Given enough time, it will be possible to enjoy intimacy to the fullest once more.

How is the Therapy Done?

There are three main ways that this type of therapy is administered.  Topical gels are one option.  Patches can also be worn discreetly under the clothing.  There is also the option of taking injections at the doctor’s office.  

In order for the hormone replacement therapy to be effective, it must be conducted in full compliance with your doctor’s orders.  Attempting to deviate from the routine will only cause a setback.

If you are not feeling like yourself and wonder why everyone is getting on your nerves or you no longer have any interest in intimacy, talk with your doctor today.  Don’t leave out anything that seems to have changed.  While there is the need to rule out other types of health issues, the doctor can order blood tests that will determine if you have some type of hormonal imbalance.  

If an imbalance is present, rest assured there is a treatment that will work for you. Remember to report any unpleasant side effects to your doctor, since an adjustment in the dosage may be needed.  In less time than you thought possible, you will feel better and also find that you once again enjoy all the things that used to give you so much pleasure.