What Causes Hormone Imbalance?

Hormones play an important role in the health of every person.  A proper balance allows men and women to progress through puberty and develop the characteristics associated with each gender.  When something occurs to interfere with the production of those essential hormones, the body and mind will undergo significant changes.  By understanding the underlying causes for a hormonal imbalance, it’s easier to determine the best type of replacement therapy and compensate for the body’s inability to produce enough of the right hormones.


For men and women alike, exposure to prolonged periods of severe stress can impair the production of hormones.  While a certain amount of stress is actually a good thing, too much will inhibit the natural balance and pave the way for problems.  Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy can correct the problem and supply what the body is not producing naturally.

Sedentary Lifestyle

If you find that you spend most of your day sitting at a desk and rarely exercise, rest assured that the ability to produce the right balance of hormones will be affected.  As the hormonal imbalance begins to manifest, you’ll feel tired, irritable, and may notice a loss of muscle mass.  Fortunately, HRT will help you get back to a good place.


There are medications that can trigger a hormonal imbalance.  Since no one reacts to medication in exactly the same way, it pays to take a look at the combination of medicines that you are currently taking.  Don’t forget to mention any herbal supplements you are also taking, since they may be part of the problem.  If you must take the medication in order to deal with a chronic condition, HRT is the best way to deal with a hormone imbalance.


For women, menopause will cause a hormonal imbalance.  During this time, the use of HRT testosterone or estrogen treatments can be used to compensate for what the body is not producing naturally.  When the time is right, the treatments can be tapered off.  In the meantime, the replacement therapy minimizes the unpleasant side effects and makes it easier to make the most of every day.

Don’t assume that a hormonal imbalance can only occur at a certain time in life.  No one is immune.  When things don’t seem to be quite right, see a doctor and have those hormone levels checked.  Once you have an answer, it will be easier to determine if HRT is necessary to correct the imbalance and regain control of your life.