Perspectives on Sexuality and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Sexuality is something that is deeply ingrained in everyone.  You know personally that your sexuality has a great deal to do with your sense of self, the confidence you feel, and your ability to connect with other people.  In terms of establishing romantic bonds and enduring relationships, the role of sexuality cannot be overstated.

When something interferes with your ability to express your sexuality in some way, other areas of your life will also be affected.  That is where the connection between some type of hormone imbalance and hormone replacement therapy comes into the picture.

Feeling Like Less of a Person

Individuals of all genders find that their outlook of life changes when hormones are not being produced in sufficient quantities.  You are likely to notice that you don’t have the same level of enthusiasm for things that you used to enjoy so fully.  Being around other people may become tiresome, since it seems that every little thing they do gets under your skin.  Even the intimacy you used to enjoy so much with your partner provides no joy at all.

With all this going on, is it any wonder that you feel as if you are no longer the person you used to be?  As parts of your life seem to slip away one by one, so does your sense of self.  It’s easy to feel as if you are merely existing rather than really living.  

Your Relationships Suffer

As you struggle with feeling like less of a person, your relationships will suffer.  In some cases, your partner will assume you are having your needs met elsewhere, or that you simply don’t love the person any longer.  While you still feel love and you want to get that old excitement back, there’s a wall that keeps anything from happening.  

What Can You Do?

On your own, things will not improve.  Even though you are a private person and don’t like to talk about such things, it’s time for a heart to heart discussion with your doctor.  After hearing everything you have to say and asking some questions, expect the physician to order blood tests.

Hormones are carried through the bloodstream to every part of the body.  They influence all the things that make you the person that you are.  That includes your feelings of sexuality and your ability to express it.  When those blood tests come back indicating that there is a hormone imbalance, the doctor is likely to talk with you about the possibility of hormone replacement therapy.

What Will Happen Next?

As part of the discussion about HRT, your doctor will talk about different ways of introducing the right level of hormones into your system.  Many people find that patches work well for them.  Others are happy with the results of topical creams that allow the hormone to be absorbed through the skin.  Injections are also a good way to correct the imbalance and get you back on track.

Keep in mind that men and women alike need testosterone and estrogen in their bodies.  What is different is the amount that each gender requires.  Don’t be surprised if you are a woman and your doctor recommends HRT testosterone treatments to bring your body back into balance.  It won’t be long before you see why that particular choice was made.

You do not have to feel as if you are less of a man or a woman.  Correcting hormone imbalances with the aid of hormone replacement therapy has never been more effective.  See your doctor today and get ready to start living your life again.