Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Until a person experiences a hormone imbalance, it’s impossible to understand how different the world feels.  Fortunately, you do not have to live with this problem forever.  It is possible to undergo hormone replacement therapy and get your life back.  Here are some of the ways that this type of therapy will benefit women who are suffering from this condition.

Preventing Mood Swings

One of the more severe signs of a hormone balance in women is mood swings.  These are not simply situations in which you feel irritated by the actions or words of another human being.  Events that you used to take with a grain of salt now seem to trigger a great deal of anger.   Things people say that would normally not bother you are suddenly reasons to feel deeply hurt.  You may question whether you have a real friend in the world.

The use of HRT to restore a proper balance of your hormones will lessen the intensity of the mood swings.  As the therapy continues, you’ll notice that the world is not such a terrible place after all.  Friends and family are no longer unbearable.  In fact, they are quite nice to be around.

Saying Goodbye to Hot Flashes

A hormone imbalance in women is likely to lead to recurring hot flashes.  These are not episodes when you feel a little flushed.  As you know all too well, they seem to begin deep inside and the sudden heat is almost unbearable.  Many women find that they feel weaker after an episode.  

As the HRT testosterone or estrogen treatments progress, those hot flashes will decrease in intensity.  You’ll also notice that they seem to happen less frequently.  Even if the therapy accomplished nothing else, being free of these hot flashes will greatly enhance your quality of life.

Intimacy is Fun Again

Owing to a hormone imbalance in women, the idea of being intimate with a partner holds little to no appeal.  As the treatments begin to take effect, it is not unusual to experience a return of the sex drive and look forward to spending time with that special someone.  When the imbalance is complicated by dryness, you may find that your body once again responds to intimate situations by producing an adequate amount of lubrication.

Less Risk of Major Health Issues

Not everyone understands what a hormone imbalance in women does in terms of increasing the risk of cardiovascular and other problems.   Once you begin the therapy, your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack will return to a normal range.  You’ll also notice that your level of bad cholesterol drops while the level of the good cholesterol increases.  Even the potential for your bones to lose density will decrease as the therapy continues.

As with any type of treatment, there are some risks associated with HRT.  Many of those risks can be managed effectively by working closely with your doctor.  Along the way, the fact that you are feeling better than you have in some time will make you happy that you chose to move ahead with the replacement treatments.