Hormone Replacement Therapy Fights Menopause

Menopause means the end of menstrual cycles, but it also means that the balance of hormones in the body is thrown out of sync for a time.  In order to provide relief from the effects of menopause, many doctors encourage women to undergo hormone replacement therapy.  The use of HRT does have a significant impact on the difficulty that comes with this transition in life.  Here are some of the things that the right type of hormone therapy will accomplish.

Reducing the Severity and Frequency of Hot Flashes

It is impossible to explain how it feels to have a hot flash.  The rush of inner heat comes out of nowhere and is often severe enough to leave you winded and feeling weak.  One of the things that hormone replacement therapy will do is weaken those flashes.  As the therapy continues and the hormone imbalance is corrected, the flashes will not occur as often.  

Restoring a Balanced Mood

The sudden shifts in temperament and mood are disconcerting for everyone.  Loved ones never know when something will trigger a bout of anger, sorrow, or irritation.  For you, feeling fine one moment and suddenly experiencing a surge of emotion for no apparent reason is unsettling.  You may even feel that it’s better to avoid social situations because you are not sure what you will say or do when such a change takes place.

With hormone replacement therapy, your mood will begin to return to normal.  Your personality will be as it was before menopause began, instead of being something that you don’t even recognize.  As the imbalance is slowly corrected, you’ll find it easier to look forward to spending time with others once again.

Getting Recuperative Sleep

Not everyone realizes what an impact a hormonal imbalance can have on sleep patterns.  As you move forward with hormone replacement therapy, those nights of tossing and turning will go away.  You’ll be able to go to sleep and stay that way until morning.  Since you are well rested, facing the day with a lot of optimism will be much easier.

Your Sex Drive Returns

Between the hot flashes, the mood swings, and the sleepless nights, is it any wonder that you have no desire for intimacy?  Choosing to undergo hormone replacement therapy provides what your body is not producing in sufficient quantities right now.  As the balance is restored, you’ll have more energy and more interest in your romantic partner.

Remember that the type of hormone replacement needed will vary from one situation to the next.  That’s why you must work closely with your doctor.  While the most common situations involve the need to replace estrogen or progesterone, there may be the need for some HRT testosterone treatments as well.

Your doctor can monitor the effects, work with you to adjust the dosage, and ensure that you are getting what you need.  Remember that what you are experiencing will not last forever.  Once the need for therapy is no longer present, the doctor will gradually reduce the dosage and you can get on with the business of enjoying life.